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Wallpaper custom designed and printed to suit your home, office, showroom or business… and yes our wallpaper murals are removable!

Design. Print. Install.

Welcome to Pro Art Murals Perth, we are Australia’s leading manufacturer of pre-pasted easy to install and remove wallpaper murals. Supplying both Commercial and Residential customers.

The most cost effective way to decorate your home or business! The possibilities are endless…

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Yes! Our Wallpaper Murals are Removable.

Commercial Wall Mural - Design Print Install Roselea Shopping Centre Perth

Commercial Wall Murals

Custom wallpaper murals for your business, office or restaurant. Create a lasting first impression for your clients and customers.

Residential Wall Mural - Design Print Install Children Bedroom

Wallpaper In Your Home

Custom designed wallpaper murals to suit you and your home. Work with our designers to create a unique custom design feature wall.

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Buy Wall Murals Online

Browse through our massive online store, choose from hundreds of designs delivered directly to your home or business.

Need Some Inspiration? Check Out Our Gallery Page.


Removable Wallpaper Murals. Design, Print and Install.

Australian Made and Manufactured.

Pro Art Murals can custom design your wallpaper murals to suit your home or business. Choose from hundreds of existing designs or work with our team of designers to create a unique custom design perfect for your home or office!

Wallpaper Murals - Tick of Approval

High quality removable wallpaper

Wallpaper Murals - Tick of Approval

Custom designed to suit you

Wallpaper Murals - Tick of Approval

Perfect for home or business

Wallpaper Murals - Tick of Approval

Designed printed and installed

Wallpaper Murals - Tick of Approval

Traditional wallpaper designs

Wallpaper Murals - Tick of Approval

High quality photographic designs

It’s As Easy As…

Step One

Choose a design from one of our online galleries or search through stock image libraries like ShutterStock, Deposit Photos or Adobe Stock… you may even have the perfect image of your own already.

Step Two

Once you have the perfect image our Design Team spring into action to adjust your image to perfectly fit your chosen area or wall size.

Step Three

Next.. The Printing Team are now firing up the latest in HP Latex Wallpaper Printing Technology to print your designs on a super high quality removable wallpaper material.

Step Four

The Install. You can choose to have one of our highly experienced installers to visit your home or business to install your new creation. Or… you can install this yourself! We have some clever training videos to show you how to install your own wallpaper murals.


Carla Tarleton

Wallpaper Murals 5 Star Rating

They were amazing from starting our custom wallpapers in out theatre room. The end results were amazing and everyone who sees them love them. We are so happy with these guys we are getting another wall done. Highly recommend these guys 😁


WA House Flippers

Wallpaper Murals 5 Star Rating

Amazing Team with fabulous ideas and spot on advice. Couldn’t recommend Angie and Glenn enough!. I appreciate patience with such an undecided client like me. Thank you again for beautiful creation! The house now looks fabulous. it a statement piece in our lounge area.


Cassandra Arvidson

Wallpaper Murals 5 Star Rating

My mum orginally found this company and she got her bedroom mural done, and it was absolutely amazing the quality was on point. I’ve now purchased 3x custom made murals for my brand new home and I love it more and more everytime i look at it 🙂 Totally recommend this company for your murals. Will definitely return in the future!


Rhys Werndly

Wallpaper Murals 5 Star Rating

The Pro Art Murals team are fantastic, we had a mural installed in our team and culture room and it looks amazing. We had some really great feedback from the team which is what the room is all about. Thanks guys!


Sarah Mccabe

Wallpaper Murals 5 Star Rating

Two extremely happy kids- I cannot recommend Pro Art Murals enough, they went out of there way to help me get the design I wanted and answered my msgs so quickly. Thankyou guys so much!!!


Riana De Villiers

Wallpaper Murals 5 Star Rating

Very efficient, friendly and prompt service. Great ideas and suggestions with regards to the project. They offered great alternatives from their experience that worked better in our office space.



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Are Wallpaper Murals Removable & Easy to Install?

Yes they sure are! Below is a demonstration video from our YouTube Channel showing how to Install and also Remove your Wallpaper Mural.


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Get in touch with us today to start creating an amazing wallpaper feature wall in your home or office. Pro Art Murals are located at 643 Lyon Road, Wandi, Western Australia, 6167

Frequently Asked Questions

What size mural should I purchase?

We recommend choosing from one of sizes that is closest to the width of your wall, but not smaller. All our murals are designed to be cut down to suit walls up to 300mm smaller than the width. e.g. Our large wall murals are 3600 x 2430mm this will suit walls ranging from 3300mm to 3600mm width.

What are the wall sizes available?

All our murals can be custom sized to suit your wall. The following are our standard mural sizes are:


Small w 2500mm x h 2430mm

Medium w 3200mm x h 2430mm

Large w 3600mm x h 2430mm


Small w 2500mm x h 1200mm

Medium w 3000mm x h 1500mm

Large w 3200mm x h 1600mm

DOOR – w 850mm x h 2070mm

What if the size of my wall isn’t available on your website?

We can simply custom size the design to suit you.
MINI – w 1260mm x h 850mm

Is the wallpaper removable?

Yes. Simply spray the front with water allow 5 minutes for water to soak in then peel at a 180 degrees from the wall.

Can I reuse the wallpaper?

We don’t recommend reusing the wallpaper as removal may have caused stretching and loss of glue.

Do I need a glue for the wallpaper?

No. You don’t need to apply glue, all our wallpapers are pre-pasted for easy installation. Simply spray the back with water to activate the glue, please refer to installation video –

What are your murals printed on?

Our murals are printed on environmentally friendly pre-pasted wallpaper using one of the most environmentally friendly printers available.

Can I clean the wall mural?

Yes, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh detergents or scourers.

Can I install a mural in the bathroom?

Wallpaper cannot be installed in bathrooms, as the moisture would affect the mural causing peeling. We would recommend a vinyl wallpaper, please contact us for a quote.

Can I install a door mural on a panelled door?

No. Our door murals are suitable for flat surfaces only. They are suitable for walls, doors and even mirrored wardrobe doors.

How are the murals packaged?

All murals come in a shrink wrapped roll that fits into a post tube for easy and secure postage.

What if I wanted an image that’s currently not on here?

We can custom design just about anything you can think of. Whether your want a mural for your bedroom, lounge room, theatre or kitchen we can create the prefect custom wall murals to suit you. Please contact us for more information to design your very own!

*PLEASE NOTE: Licensed designs CAN NOT be reproduced.

Can I give you a photo from my phone for you to print?

We are happy to look at any image of yours to check quality, we will make sure the image will go to the size required without loosing the quality. Simply email us the photo to check –

Can you print images I found from Google?

No we don’t, they are low quality and most hold a copyright.

If I cant find a suitable design on your website can you help me with finding a design?

Yes! We have a team of designers happy to assist you in the right images for your project. We suggest Adobe Stock website for the best quality and its huge range of images. Link:

Are the murals a “do it yourself product”?

Yes, our wallpaper is very easy to handle and it is designed as a D.I.Y product. Simply spray the back with water and install onto wall in panels.

How long will it take me to install a mural myself?

Generally it takes approx. 2 hours to install any full wall in the range.

Do I have to prepare the wall surface?

Yes, It is best to prepare the wall with some sand paper to take off any paint dots or bumps that may affect the finish of the mural. Please refer to the installation video –

Do you offer installation?

Yes we can definitely install for you, we can quote you for installation in your area.